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Transition Your Career Into Data Science and Analytics 


 1-week course to give you Clarity to transition your career to Data Science or Analytics.


  • There are so many courses out there! Don't know where to start your career in data analytics and data science? 

  • Are you transitioning your career from commerce, mechanical, accounting, medical or engineering background to data analytics and data science?

  • Do you want to understand what data skills are needed in the industry today?

  • A clear plan on how you can become a Data Analyst or Data Scientist? 

  • Is prior coding experience required to become a Data Scientist or Data Analyst?

Image by Sammy Williams

Have you said yes to any of these questions? Then you are in the right place.

Take a deep breath!

Imagine this:

  • You are able to understand the difference between data science, data analytics, data engineering. 

  • You have a clear plan of action on what technical skills are required to become a data scientist and data analyst 

  • You know the exact courses that you need to take to start your career as a data  analyst 

  • You have a team working on the same goals as you. You meet with them every week to keep you accountable with the data analyst or data scientist action plan. 

Image by Barney Yau

All this right from real-world data science and data analytics professionals! 

What topics do you cover in the course? 

In this course we will be guiding you through: 

  • Understand different data science and data analytics job roles. 

  • Understand what technical skills are required for a data analyst and data scientist. 

  • Understand what industries are using data science and analytics technologies 

  • Learn how to start your data analytics and data science projects

  • Get a clear action plan to start working towards your goals. 

  • Discord channel to ask your questions and doubts 

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Get your SPOT now!

Your Instructor 


Before founding, Storytelling by Data Lekhana transitioned into the data world from a Non-technical background. She has worked with startups to Fortune 500 implement their data analytics projects. 

Now she has helped over 100+ students transition to data analytics. She received a lot of questions in data science and analytics in general so she started Storytelling by Data. 

The course is from her experience that many aspiring data scientists and analysts lack an understanding of the basics. 


Your Instructor 


Before founding, Storytelling by Data Rajshekar transitioned into the data world from a Robotics and Automation Industry. She has worked with startups to Fortune 500 to implement and deploy automation systems and data science projects.  

He is an Alumni of Carnegie Mellon University (School of Computer Science, Robotics Institute). He is in the field of Robotics, AI, and Data Science field for over 12+ years now

He has reviewed over 150+ candidates for data science positions as a Senior Manager of Data Science. 

What is included in the course?

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1 week pre-recorded videos 

We will walk you through different data roles, explain in detail on technical skills required and give you a list of courses that you take and a clear plan to start.  

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Office hours for 4 weeks to work on your action plan with accountability

Once you complete lessons you can post your doubts and questions in our Discord channel

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4 worksheets explaining key differences in job roles, a clear plan, and checklists. 

On top of the course videos, you will get access to worksheets. These will support your learning and make sure you understand every concept we mention in the videos.

3-day money-back guarantee

This course comes with a 3-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with the course for any reason, we will refund your payments in full. 

1 Week Video Lessons + 4 Worksheets
Starts on May 22nd!! 

MODULE 1: Understand Job roles 

  • Welcome

  • Explain the different job roles 

  • 1 worksheet 

MODULE 2: Industries using data science and analytics

  • Understand industries using data science and analytics  

  • 1 worksheet

MODULE 3: Technical skills

  • Learn technical skills required for a data scientist and data analyst 

  • List of courses for learning technical skills

  • 1 worksheet 

MODULE 4: Build Projects 

  • Learn the importance of working on projects in data science and analytics 

  • 1 worksheet 

Who is this course for? ✅

  • Professionals who are looking to transition their careers into data science and data analytics 

  • Students who are transitioning into data science and data analytics 

  • Anyone who has the curiosity to know what data science and data analytics careers look like and are willing to become a data professional. 

Who is this course NOT for? 

  • Current data professionals looking to work on projects 

  • Professionals not interested in data science and analytics 

  • Someone who is really busy and does not want to put in the effort to transition. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the requirements for taking the course?

No requirements just curious to learn about data science and analytics.

Q: Do I need great math skills to do this course?


Q: When will I get access to my courses and resources? 

You will get access to your course on May 22nd, 2022. Each week you will be completing one module and meeting with us on our discord voice channel for office hours. 

Q: Do I have to complete the course by a certain time? 

Yes. Each module should be completed within 2 to 3 days to successfully complete the course.

Q: What currency are your prices in?

All the prices are in USD. 


Q: Are your courses live or recorded? 

Its 70% recorded videos and 30% text with live office hours on our discord voice channel. 


Q: I’d like to request a refund for the course 

Yes. This course comes with a 3-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, the course does not meet your expectation and you would like a refund, send me an email at and I will arrange your refund.

Starts May 22nd! 50 Open Spots Available! Book your spot now!

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