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We have support for every aspect of your Data Journey including finding a job, learning technical skills, soft skills and growing your data community. 

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Transition Your Career to Data Science & Analytics

A course that will walk you through different data roles like data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, and data engineer, explains in detail the technical skills required, and get you started with a list of free and paid courses that you can take without having to spend $$$$ on boot camps.


Understand what it takes to transition with -

  • 75 minutes of self-paced course

  • 4+ Worksheets your current skills

  • 5+ PDFs for Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Bonus Email Template


SRIHARSHA, Quality Specialist

I would recommend that if an individual opt this course he/she would able to get the insights in a structured so that they can proceed in a good way

SAKSHI, Associate Consultant

This is a great course for someone who can't decide their career path and wants a guidance about resources needed for the transition.

NOWSHIN, Associate Banker

If someone wants to transition their career into data analytics and data science this course can be a good starting point to get informative ideas regarding where and how to start.

Learn SQL Beginner to Advance in 21 Days

Get started learning SQL from a complete beginner to Advance in just 21 days. In this course we focus on basics in week 1, intermediate week 2 and advanced topics week 3. 


Teach yourself SQL with -

  • 21 days of peer to peer learning on whatsapp group 

  • Free Resources for learning provided weekly

  • Quiz at the end of 21 days SQL challenge 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Data Job Seekers Program 

Frustrated looking for a job in data? In this program we will help create a portfolio of projects and get you ready for a job as a data professional. 


Land your first job in data with-

  • Build a Data Portfolio with projects

  • Resume review with experts

  • LinkedIn preparation

  • Mock Interview with Mentor 

Downloads & Consultations

To help speed up and streamline some of the common processes you will go through, we’ve created a library of helpful resources. Pick a service that you need for personalized support:


  • Ultimate Data Career Roadmap

  • Build your first Data Analyst Resume 

  • 50+ Data Job Portals (coming soon)

  • How to Effectively use Linkedin (coming soon) 

  • 1:1 Mentoring 

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