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Top 3 Best Data Analyst Certifications for 2023

Companies are using data to drive strategic decisions and gain competitive advantages. If you're interested in starting or advancing a career in data analytics, getting certified can validate your skills and make you stand out.

Here are 3 of the top certifications for data analysts to earn in 2023:

1. Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

The Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification demonstrates your skills in analyzing data and creating visualizations using Microsoft's popular business analytics platform.

To become certified, you must pass an exam that covers key Power BI functionality like importing and transforming data, designing reports and visualizations, and configuring dashboards. Hands-on Power BI Desktop experience is required.

Earning this certification qualifies you for data analyst roles centered around Microsoft's trusted analytics and visualization tools. It can help you excel at delivering data-driven insights to business stakeholders.

2. IBM Certified Data Analyst

The IBM Certified Data Analyst certification validates your expertise using IBM analytics tools and technologies.

To earn the certification, you must pass a test focused on skills like collecting and transforming data, analyzing data trends, building models, and interpreting findings. Familiarity with IBM data products like SPSS Statistics, Cognos Analytics, and Watson Studio is required.

With data analytics integral to IBM's solutions and services, this certification can get you noticed for lucrative analytics roles with IBM clients. It demonstrates your ability to derive value from data.

3. Google Data Analytics Certificate

The Google Data Analytics Certificate program covers the entire scope of the data analysis process using the latest tools and platforms.

By completing the 8-course program, you can earn the certificate proving your abilities in collecting, cleaning, analyzing, visualizing and storytelling with data. You also gain hands-on experience with data analysis tools like R, SQL, Tableau and Google Sheets.

This certificate can help you qualify for data analyst jobs, particularly those leveraging Google's popular cloud-based data platforms and services. The program's real-world curriculum developed by Google also makes you job-ready.

Getting certified by Microsoft, IBM, or Google can boost your analytics career by validating specialized skills. The right certification matched to your interests and expertise can help you excel as a data analyst.

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