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Curriculum for learning Power BI that works

This is a series of blog posts on learning PowerBI from scratch. Power BI is a powerful tool that is used to understand the data and make business decisions.

While researching for courses online I could not find any specific blogs that give me a curriculum to start learning PowerBI. I hope this helps all you Newbies. Disclaimer, This course is for those who have intermediate knowledge in SQL. I spent approximately 3 hours each day to learn PowerBI.

Syllabus: Introduction Overview of PowerBI desktop

PowerBI guided learning

Getting Data Watch this Youtube video

Data Modeling These are approximately an hour-long videos on Microsoft PowerBI YouTube channel to understand the data modeling in PowerBI.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6 Video 7

By the end of these videos, you would be able to understand the different data types you can import into PowerBI and techniques to create a data model.

Visualizations and data exploration Visualizations in PowerBI Data Exploration These two topics cover most of the basics that are needed to understand the functionality of PowerBI. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete these two topics.

PowerBI DAX Introduction to DAX

DAX functions - This channel covers pretty much all the basic functions you need for building measures and functions. DAX - This is another great channel. Once you have watched these videos, you would have built some fundamentals for creating a basic PowerBI dashboard. There are other options ways in which data can be handled in PowerBI like python and R which I have not explored. I would definitely recommend anyone learning PowerBI to explore them and please comment on this post.

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