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10 FREE YouTube Courses for Data Analytics

With data analytics skills being in high demand across many industries, it's a great time to start learning this field. Thankfully, YouTube has no shortage of free courses to help you get started with data analytics or improve your existing skills. In this post, I will share 10 highly recommended YouTube courses covering topics like Excel, Python, SQL, visualization, and more.

Data Analytics with Python for Excel Users - FreeCodeCamp (5 hours)

This comprehensive course takes you through step-by-step tutorials on data analysis for Excel users and other key skills for data analysts. It's a great starting point for total beginners.

Data Analytics Bootcamp - Alex the Analyst (6 hours) Learn pivot tables, formulas, dashboards, and other functionalities of that will make you a pro at analyzing data.

Data Analysis with Python - CS Dojo (4 hours)

Master Python programming by learning the fundamentals of loops, classes, and objects and more.

Data Visualization - Data Science dojo (1 hour) To create great data visualization you need to understand and learn the art of data visualizations.

Big Data & Hadoop Full Course - Edureka (8 hours)

Learn concepts like distributed systems, MapReduce, HDFS, and tools like Pig, Hive for big data analytics.

Power BI Full Course - Edureka (4 hours)

Master Microsoft's business intelligence and visualization tool to create insightful reports/dashboards.

Tableau basics - LearnIt Training (6 hours) Pick up Tableau skills for fast and easy data visualization and dashboarding.

Statistics for Data Science -MarinStatsLectures (4 hours) Understand statistical concepts like probability, hypothesis testing, regression modeling and more.

SQL Tutorial - Full Database Course - FreeCodeCamp (4 hours) Learn databases, SQL querying, joins, normalization and more in this extensive SQL course.

Machine Learning Tutorial Python - Sentdex (5 hours)

Grasp core machine learning concepts and implement models like linear regression, random forests, neural nets etc.

With these well-reviewed YouTube courses, you can greatly expand your data analytics knowledge for free. They offer a very flexible and visual way of learning at your own pace.

But remember most importantly its consistency that will help you learn faster and better.

Good Luck!

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