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Dear Data Enthusiast, 

I am so happy you ended on this page. I am happy to mentor new data analysts and data scientists who are transitioning to data from various non-technical backgrounds.

What will you get? 

You will be mentored by me Lekhana Reddy or Rajshekar. You have two options you can choose from - 

Option 1 - One 1:1 40 minute session

where we can discuss your concerns for either navigating a new job or reviewing your resume or a discuss career path to data jobs in tech based on your interest.

Best suited for — one-time discussion for folks looking to review resumes, review project portfolios, etc, or discuss anything data analytics or data science.

Cost - $70 pay here

Option 2 - Four 1:1 40 minute sessions 

Four mentorship sessions are designed to last in the span of 8 weeks (we'll meet every 2 weeks). These sessions are designed for us to work through your blockers of either resume, understanding data analyst or data scientist interviews,  or navigating a new data role and build a roadmap for your learning as a new data analyst or data scientist.


Best suited for — New data analysts or data scientists or professionals who want to get their projects off ground and need to discuss to help you get unblocked. Anything discussed will be absolutely confidential.  

Cost - $260 pay here

Student Edition - One 1:1 40 minute session

Book to discuss careers in data and tech. Please pick this option only if you are a student, you will need to use your university email address to book your session. Thanks!

Cost - $49 pay here

How does it work?

Once you have paid, you will get a questionnaire form to fill that can help me be prepared for the call and address your questions and along with that, you will get a calendar link to schedule your session.

Please note, that this coaching program is meant for you to ask questions and get career, projects, and/or resume guidance. At this point, I am unable to provide rigorous practice for mock interviews and Data interview assignments.

If you are interested please use the links above to pay. Once paid, We'll reach out to you in 2-3 business days to set up your calls.

Thank you!


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