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Colleagues Working Together



Lekhana started her career in data from a non-technical background. She pursued her Masters' degree in Data Analytics and landed her first job as a Data Science Analyst within 8 months of her Masters's program. 

But the real world was completely different from the theoretical knowledge she was learning in her Masters's program. She was fortunate enough she got a Mentor in her first job who guided her through learning and gave her a real-world experience. Since then she always wanted to give back and help people move into data. She has coached 50+ students and mentored 20+ professionals while having a full-time job as a Sr. Data Governance Analyst.

Rajshekar started his career as a Roboticist. He won 30 robotics competitions building robots using computer vision, AI, Machine Learning. He is an Alumni of Carnegie Mellon University (School of Computer Science, Robotics Institute). He is in the field of Robotics, AI, and Data Science field for over 12+ years now. He is a Senior Manager of the Data Science team at a Fortune 500 company.

We are on a mission to help aspiring and current tech and non-tech professionals to switch their careers to data, grow in leadership, and storytelling skills.

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